Unrecognized Files Not Deleting or Moving to Trusted in Comodo Internet Security

Hello everyone,

I’m not a constant user but an intermittent one who frequently returns to Comodo Internet Security because I find it to be a robust program. Despite not using it continuously, I tend to come back to it for about 3-4 month periods at a time. There’s an issue, however, that I’ve encountered repeatedly when I do use it. In the “Unrecognized Files” section, where files are held until they’re confirmed as safe or unsafe, the files I attempt to delete or that should automatically move to the trusted list simply do not. They remain unchanged, no matter the approach I take.

This issue persists even when the system tries to automatically classify these files as trusted. It seems as though my manual commands and the program’s automatic processes are both being ignored, leaving these files in a state of uncertainty.

This isn’t a one-off problem; it has been a recurring issue during my periods of usage over the years. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a known resolution, or is it an acknowledged bug that is pending a fix?

Any guidance from the community or insights from the Comodo team would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance!

Good afternoon, welcome to the forum!
Could you tell us which version of CIS you are using?

Hi BrownieHUN,

Thank you for reporting.
We will check and update you.