Unrecognized files .bat

Hello there!
If anyone can explain why every time i install comodo i get these 4 unrecognized files. When trying to upload them it won’t work.
The files are .dat
this is what the file name looks like C_cmd.exe_368A4CCD0B9575072BC8D615E90E863816EE303E.bat also comes with 2 powershell.exe files

Submit them here Cloud Verdict Customer Login | Xcitium Cloud Verdict this is comodos cloud based sandbox platform for suspicious files it uses Automated Analysis(CAMAS) and Manual Analysis from human experts

Here is an exeample of a Malicious file it also uses FLS or File Lookup Service(Signature Based Detection)

Hi bern,

Thank you for reporting.
May i know your CIS version and Win version ?
FYI: We are aware of this case and the team is working on it.


This is a known issue that is being addressed for the next upcoming release.
When creating .bat files, the latter has an unrecognized SHA1 from which the alert is created
Each file not identified by Comodo is added to the unknown list, this is an error that is taken into account by the Devs
Otherwise, nothing to worry about

@ZorKas but then we upload files to FLS or CAMAS or Xcitium Verdict Cloud and then Xcitium rates it either good or bad

Files created by Comodo (.bat) cannot be recognized because they do not exist elsewhere (SHA1) since it is CIS that adds them to the PC where Comodo Internet Security is located

.bat files cannot be uploaded to the server by the submission option because this extension is not allowed


Example of the contents of a .bat file created by Comodo:

-ExecutionPolicy Restricted -Command $Res = 0; $Infs = Get-Item -Path ($env:WinDir + ‘\inf*.inf’); foreach ($Inf in $Infs) { $Data = Get-Content $Inf.FullName; if ($Data -match ‘[defaultinstall.nt(amd64|arm|arm64|x86)]’) { $Res = 1; break; } } Write-Host ‘Final result:’, $Res