Unrecognized file doesn't automatically change to Trusted

I have in File List inetcpl.cpl (from system32; it is already marked as Sent) marked as Unrecognized, when I click on Lookup it tells me is Trusted, and every time I close that window appears a popup saying something like ‘safe files are being moved to Comodo certified safe files database’, but the file remains as Unrecognized.
Shouldn’t Comodo mark it as Trusted automatically? Is this a bug?

It is because the file list is static and does not update dynamically. However if you were to close out the file list and then re-open it, you will see that the file will be marked trusted.

No: even restarting the pc, nothing changes.

Also in the Log>“Configuration Changes” I see both in “New Value” and “Old Value” the same string:
‘…UserRating=“none” ComodoRating=“trust”/>’

If I remember correctly I did a clean install of the version before the last one ( and then I did the update.