Unmatching Requests....

“Unmatching Requests” - What are they? I’ve got CIS 3.8 up and running no problems. With the suggested firewall rules both Thunderbird and uTorrent are working fine, and I’ve even got Avira Anitivir (incl the realtime scanner) running in tandem, with no conflicts. Updates appear with no problems. But what are these “Umatching Requests” that clog up the event log when I run uTorrent? The rule that sets off the alert is to block all IP protocol ‘unmatching requests’. Nearly all of these seem to be attempted incoming connections (TCP and UDP) to my uTorrent listening port. I’ve forwarded the port to my router, and I’ve a firewall rule to allow incoming connections to that port. So why so many blocked connections? The forum says I need that rule - but what does it protect?

It’s a small niggle about a very handy piece of security software - well done! I’m running this on an eight year old notebook with XP SP3 and haven’t had any of the problems others seem to have encountered.

cheers, Pete