Unlocker modifing, and sending out stuff via other programs?

Hi folks: I’ve been using Unlocker for a bit, then started using Comodo Pro and started seeing DOZENS of reports of it modifying internet programs (Like Firefox). According to Comodo this could be a spyware behavor.

But I haven’t seen any report of this on the forums. Am I the only one getting this?

I can’t block this from happening, for doing so blocks legimiate programs (like firefox) I’ve had to uninstall Unlocker until I hear from you.

is there someway of just blocking Unlocker, and any other program from doing this without blocking the entire parent program?

I’ve had to take out 2 very useful programs because of this.

If I can’t, can anyone make a suggestion for an unlocking program that doesn’t call out, and another that puts a taskbar on a 2nd monitor (for multi-monitor systems) Multimon also calls out like unlocker does.

Ahh, here we go: It reads exactly:

C:\program files\unlocker\unlocker.exe has modified dsclock.exe in memory. This is typical virus, trojan and spyware behaviour.

(be nice if you could cut/paste that error message)

My system is:

Windows 2k+SP4
Comodo Pro

  • Kevin