Unlimited Rights - Sandbox Info Plzz

First of all I have never Sandboxed an app through Unlimited Rights Popup, so I dont know how actually it works??

Just now I downloaded Free Eusing Registry Cleaner just to check what it founds. To clean I use CSC.

I tried to install Eusing & got Unlimited Rights Popup saying Digital Signature not found, recommendation if unsure Sandbox. I Sandboxed & Eusing got installed fine with no further popup. I want to know running an app like Rigistry Cleaner in Sandbox will work fine?? And I actually had thought that installing an app in Sandbox through Unlimited Rights Popup will install the app for only Once & the app will not be there when it is closed. So if I am not wrong app gets installed permanently & not once when Sandboxed through Unlimited Rights Popup, right?? And if I am right then will these app work fine?? Does this means most of the time a valid app will install & work fine when Sandboxed through Unlimited Rights Popup & Malware app will not install??? By the way I restarted the system after installing Eusing in Sandbox through Unlimited Rights Popup.

Plzz give info on the above & any other helpful info regarding this.


The CIS sandbox was never made to install programs in the sandbox like Sandboxie is capable of. When running the installer in the sandbox your application may not work as expected.

In short. Don’t install “in the sandbox” as you call it.

So why comodo recommend to sandbox the unknown & unsigned installers. Though they are unsigned but that doesn’t means that they are malicious & if an installer cannot be run in the sandbox why recommend to sandbox??? Instead comodo should mention to allow if sure, otherwise block it. Average users will see the recommendation to sandbox & they will hit the sandbox button. Comodo really needs to improve the wordings on various popup & make it simple & straight in default popup mode for average users sake.


who care about your word
lets comodo finish develop X64 products,

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