Unknown problems with a sharp increase in RAM.

Good evening, dear friends.
On my PC suddenly engages the whole amount of RAM, and then gradually returns to normal:


As it turned out (recognized forum it-programmers) - blame Comodo, a new version.
Now I have the version of Comodo Internet Sesurity Premium 7.0.315459.4132.
Recognized by this method:


Leakage in the tag Tag3 - this topic has not been possible to find out to what he refers to the driver. Suspicion or on COMODO, either on Intel Matrix Storage.
Intel Matrix Storage - this device on your own PC is not watching. If I wrote is not there - sorry in advance. Omozhete than help, dear? Thank you in advance.

Well at least someone else is having the same issue. Going to blindly copy my forumpost from elsewhere since only yesterday I found out that my Comodo firewall is the issue.
Full report of the problem below and how I came to comodo firewall being the RAM leaker.

The last few months I’m encountering a problem with my pc from time to time in which my pc seems to freeze while working on it.
This occurs after a couple of hours of having the pc on. The pc seems to be working normally but suddenly I cannot open new programs or tabs in my browser, but I can still talk through Hangouts for a short while (and get messages back). Once this happens everything on the pc that might open will do so very slowly(takes minutes instead of half a second), while sometimes my RAM would rocket to 100% and other times not. Taskbar cannot be opened when this occurs as well (I keep getting an error when opening it during this freeze) so I wasn’t able to check if any process in particular was the issue.
The only option to get my pc working again is by restarting it. Shutting down the pc takes about 5-10 minutes before anything happens and the real shutdown is after 5-10 more minutes. After this most of the time the pc also has problems restarting and will freeze at the moment that the loginscreen of windows would show. My mouse will load into the screen, but the screen stays black… sometimes loading after a few minutes(would be as slow as before the restart) and other times not even after 1 hour. Restarting the pc for a second time would most of the time do the trick to get the pc running again smoothly.

It seemed that some hidden process was taking up a lot of RAM so I’ve installed Poolmon and RamMap to look at hidden processes and if anything was out of the ordinary.
During the freezes my Nonpaged Pool is very large according to RamMap (3-4GB+) which would mean that something is using my ram but not giving the used space back. With poolmon I found the tag Tag3 to be the one with a very large memory amount in Nonpaged during freezes as well as Vepp. (vepp only comes together with Tag3, but seems to be Verifier.exe which was probably recording the heavy ram usage)

Through a search Tag3 seems to be associated with 2 of my programs. iaStorV.sys which is a process for Intel Rapid Storage and cmdguard.sys which is a process for Comodo Firewall.

Disabling Intel Rapid Storage didn’t change anything, since the freeze came back. I saw through verifier.exe that the cmdguard.sys process indeed used almost the same amount of Nonpaged Pool RAM as tag3 did, so this confirmed for me that my firewall is the problem.

I’ve deinstalled it yesterday and I’m just sticking with windows firewall + my routers firewall for now. I’m hopeful that my pc won’t freeze anymore, but since my pc is only a few hours on since deleting the firewall I can’t be sure yet.

I could give screenshots with my proof from RamMap, Toolmon and Verifier if needed from during those freezes.

Hi there,
I do not know if this is the most appropriate section for this problem, but I see that already two users have the same problem, then I write here.

I also believe that the driver cmdguard.sys is the cause of the leak.

You can see the “nonpaged pool” at ~5GB already… however, the leak will grow up to saturate the RAM.
COMODO Firewall product version; 7.0.317799.4142
MS Windows 8.1 Pro x64

Can someone look into this?
Thanks in advance,


I suggest a bug report as this might be taken more seriously in consideration.