unknown or resistant variant of ntos.exe

i appear to have a variant of ntos.exe which i had to remove manually and cavs wasnt able to find it (found with spybot) but seems to have spawned leftovers posing as cmain .exe and cpf .exe (note the space) or any other newly installed or started *.exe, boclean also fails to react to it.
rootkit tools fail to find anything. digging throught the registry has failed to find anymore leftovers in the usall places

before wiping the drive and reinstalling any ideas on finding the whereabouts the sod has left its muddy feet?

xp pro sp2


Unfortunatelly I can’t help you personally, but found some detailed removal procedures. It seems to be a tough one :-
here is one: MajorGeeks.Com Support Forums
You may try this, or try some others. Or even post on their forums.
You may also try other removals. There are some others on the net. This was the most detaiiled I found.
good luck