Unknown network connection displayed in firewall panel [V6]

Whenever I click on CIS systray icon or widget, connections from iexplore.exe and internetbro… are always shown for a moment, then these disappear and actual network connections are shown. These momentary connections are shown even when I am not using these apps. Required information is as follows.

CIS version: 6.3.302093.2976
OS version: Windows 7 Professional SP1
What you did: Uninstalled and reinstalled CIS as suggested by GeekBuddy.
What you actually saw: Problem still occurs
What you expected to happen or see: Actual network connections in firewall panel

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I am not seeing this behavior, and am using the same OS as you. For how long do these connections show on the GUI? How many seconds are you seeing them for?

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For the time being I will move this to the Non-Format Verified board.

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There is now a formatted report for this issue, which can be found here:

Thus, I will move this particular report to Resolved and concentrate on the other.