unknown message while gmail login

While logging to gmail (for any account ) from my machine I saw a unknown message every time it is also shown at logoff also

“scnptl = document createElement(“script”); scroti.src = ,https://www.fcsuggestof.net/smarts/js/suggest-l0061 js?sub=FC_Other_IN’; document.body appendChild(
script 1);”

is this a kind of threat to me …

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Have you tried a different browser? Also, if you’re using and third-party DNS, try turning them off.

I am using crome but this message can be seen in mozila firefox and IE 8 also … there are no third party DNS

I tried to clean my pc by using cce… it found over 170 threats but when I press Apply button after scanning … if give error after 2 3 percent completion …“COMODO Cleaning Essentials has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
.I am attaching screen shot of the error here …

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Try running CCE in Windows Safe Mode. To add to that try scanning your system with Malwarebytes Antimalware, Super Antispyware, Hitman Pro and TDSS Killer.

Thanks for wonderful links… super antispyware is really super … Hitmanpro is also good…
But still I am having that problem of getting message on gmail login.

When I tried to login on gmail by using other than gmail id(but hosted on gapps) the message problem has been solved(before my use of super antispyware and hitman the proble was there with thse ids too).
But now only @gmail.com id login gives that message

I tried gmail login from chome’s incognito window… and surprisingly I dont see that message in both logins

Does cleaning your browser cache, deleting cookies and restarting Chrome help? If you have any extensions installed please disable them to see if they interfere.

Thanks EricJH , there was only one extension “Freecorder 6 2.1.9” , I disabled it … and the problem is solved
Thanks once again

Glad it is fixed.