Unknown Intrusion to me

Hi. I’ve an intrusion called Windows Operating system which CIS has blocked it by default. I use a router at home and two other computers besides mine. let me try to describe:
Application: Windows Operating System
Action: Blocked
Source ip: my home router’s ip
Destination ip: my own ip

I want to know if i should be worried or to be relieved that i am months of VIRUS FREE thanks to CIS?
Looking forward to any comments. And thanks in advance.

Hi Dexter00023,

You haven’t provided all information which is necessary for giving you an answer.

Say, what Protocol and/or what Type(x) in Source Port do you have … etc.

Probably you are seeing ICMP and Type(3), but we should not guess.

Most likely there is nothing to worry about it, what you are having is normal and there is no danger…

Anyway, in the 1st place please Search the forum with keywords like: “Windows Operating System»; «Type(3)'”; «ICMP”; and so on …. (no quotes) and you will find a lot of answers.

See how users are presenting info by attaching the image of the events they are interested in

My regards

Thanks SiberLynx.

I’ll post all the details as soon as it starts happening again. :slight_smile: