Unknown files

Dear Sirs,

I have a problem with “Unknown files” option…

  1. I see a lot of unknown files on my CIS.

  2. I try to move all unknown files to trusted files.

  3. CIS shows me that all unknown files were moved to trusted files.

  4. However, when I open CIS main window I see all files as unknown again…

See attached pictures please…

Can you help me?

Best regards,

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Hello! At the forum Comodo has already been written about this bug! This bug stretches back to version 6 CIS and has long been known and discussed in many forums! Only here do not understand why developers are in no hurry to fix this bug! >:(

I’m currently wrestling with this issue as well. No matter what I do with a file it seems to always re-appear in the unknown files list. Very frustrating, as it makes one wonder if CIS is functioning properly or has been compromised.

Hi DGant,
Is this a specific file causing issues, or is the file constantly changing or being updated?