Unknown files - can I sandbox (ie virtualise) them? [v6]

Please note that this FAQ is a technical FAQ for advanced users. If you make mistakes when using some of the techniques below you could compromise your system.

How to create a rule which sandboxes (virtualises) all unknown files:

[ol]- Create a system restore point in case you need to reverse the changes you make

  • Open Windows registry editor, regedit.exe, and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\software\Comodo\Firewall Pro
  • Create a DWORD value and name it “EnableDefaultVirtualization” and set this value to 1. Note to UK users virtualization has a ‘Z’ not an ‘S’
  • Exit the CIS interface using the Tray Icon right click menu. STart the CIS interface using the Start menu link.
  • Go to Advanced Settings ~ Defense Plus ~ Behavior blocker and choose “Fully Virtualized” as an auto-sandboxing option.[/ol]

All unknown files, unless exempted from the sandbox, will now be virtualised by default when they are run. Unknown files that are already running will not be affected until you restart them or reboot. Any files you save when using a virtualised unknown program should be saved to the Shared Area if you wish them to be accessible from non-sandboxed applications.

Also please note that this setting is not fully tested by Comodo, or officially supported by Comodo, and may cause some unknown programs to crash. Depending on the program, in the worst case it is possible that this may cause some system instability.