Unknown File Hunter: Valkyrie API Key Expired!


I signed up years ago at https://valkyrie.comodo.com/ to be able to use the Unknown File Hunter Tool to scan my system and then to upload unknown files to the Valkyrie Advanced File Analysis System. However, I am having problems logging into the service via the Unknown File Hunter as the API license key has expired. Why is there nowhere on the Valkyrie website that allows me to easily generate a new API key for another 12 months? The service is still free isn’t it? I already have an account registered with Valkyrie, but I can’t login with the Comodo Unknown File Hunter to upload submitted files for analysis as it keeps saying my API key has expired.

What am I missing here?
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do?

I can clearly see the key is expired on the Valkyrie website, but there is no clear concise easy way to generate a new API key?

Can someone help me? :frowning:
It’s quite similar to the following thread but that thread remains unresolved.


Thanks you! :slight_smile:

Hi Dustyn,

Valkyrie accounts is free for a year, in general you can create a new account to get new free license.
However, we have found your forum email has Valkyrie License and extend it now for you, could you please check.

Thank you so much for the reply Metheni. :-TU

I see now that the Valkyrie accounts are in fact free for 12 months, and that mine expired quite some time ago.
Thank you for extending my API key. The License Status is now valid.

Just so I understand correctly…
In order to be able to renew or to simply obtain a new 12 month license, I have to abandon the account that I signed up with?
If this is correct… doesn’t that seem rather counter intuitive for the user… and for Comodo? Why not just give the user an option to renew their expired license within their current account? Granted I am assuming that the free version offered by Comodo has less features available versus the paid license correct?

If there is a difference between the 12 month free license versus a paid license… then I would understand why Comodo would not want to give users the simple option to auto-renew their Valkyrie license within their account at expiration.

Thanks again for renewing my license!
Much appreciated.