Unknown File Hunter: Outdated File Hunter Version / Login Problems

I’m having some serious difficulties logging in with either my Username and Password or my License Key for Valkyrie access after scanning with Unknown File Hunter. What is seriously frustrating here is that I HAVE to perform a scan of my computer (which can take quite a long time) before I can optionally submit files for analysis by Valkyrie. The problem with this is, I never know when my login information is going to work! I can spend over a good hour scanning a device with Unknown File Hunter, only to find out AFTER the scan it prompts me to login in with my credentials to upload the unknown files to access Valkyrie. The service is extremely spotty when I attempt to login. I get errors such as “An error occurred”, “Bad gateway”, “The license key is invalid”, “Something went wrong”.

Do you see how this can be frustrating? Not knowing whether or not the Comodo Unknown File Hunter service is even going to work until after a scan that can take over an hour? Only to find out you wasted all that time by being unable to login in to submit files with the tool? Extremely frustrating and totally backwards. I want to login PRIOR to scanning.

This is very backwards to me, and I should have the option to login PRIOR to scanning if I want to submit these files to Valkyrie for analysis…. not AFTER the scan.

Now, I have taken notice that there are two different versions of Comodo Unknown File Hunter. The version that I am currently using offered at https://valkyrie.comodo.com/apt_tool/download/UnknownFileHunter.exe is version 2.1.21203.140.

I however have come across a version that is NEWER than the 2.1.x version, listed at version It also looks as if this updated version allows for logging in PRIOR to scanning a computer or device. If this is true, why is [b]https://valkyrie.comodo.com/apt_tool/download/UnknownFileHunter.exe[/b] offering up a far older version of Unknown File Hunter? I want to download and access this newer version at that web address.

Can someone please look over my account credentials, check up on why https://valkyrie.comodo.com/apt_tool/download/UnknownFileHunter.exe is not offering the latest and greatest version of the Unknown File Hunter tool, and make sure my account, API key, and login information are working correctly so I start using this service again?

I’ve taken the time to describe in detail some issues here that I think need to be addressed with logging in and accessing Valkyrie with the Unknown File Hunter, the backwards login ect…

I would very much appreciate some follow up help to get back on track with using this fantastic service.

Right now I’m not too happy with how spotty the service is… Sometimes it works, but mostly I get errors with login credentials.

Thank you.

Hi Dustyn,

Thanks for reporting. Our developers are checking about the issue.

In particular… please have them address why an outdated older version of Comodo Unknown File Hunter 2.1.21203.140 is being hosted at: [b]https://valkyrie.comodo.com/apt_tool/download/UnknownFileHunter.exe[/b] when a newer version is available but not posted for download.

Here are the screen shots with file versions and hashes.
Please add version to https://valkyrie.comodo.com/ so users have the option to log in while scanning their systems with Comodo Unknown File Hunter.
Version 2.1.21203.140 is buggy, forces the user to perform a full scan prior to logging in. Only after scan completes does a dialog box open asking to log in… and when the service is unavailable a whole 2 hours of scanning is wasted.

Thank you kindly.