Unite not starting

OK so i installed comodo unite and it all went smooth until i tried to open in. I clicked on the application and nothing happened. I re-installed, resarted, checked my firewall, started as admin and checked my antivirus and i really need some help

I am runnin comodo 64 bit on Windows 7 64 bit home premium service pack 1


    Would you please detail which antivirus you installed on you computer?

    You may follow those steps to check if Unite service is working:

Windows Start up → Control panel → (System and Security) → Administrative Tools → Services
You could find one service with name " COMODO Unite MultiLogin Service", please make sure this service is in ‘started’.
You may start it by manual with right click on it and select ‘Start’.

 If you failed to start Unite service, then something may block it. Please disable security software and remove Unite, and install it again to fix it.

well the service starts automatically and, i’ve reinstalled about 10 times, its just when i click on it nothing happens. I have Avast antivirus and the file system shield dosen’t show that it is being blocked.


 This will be reported to develop team and hope it would be fixed.

  Do you see the Unite Icon in system tray in right-bottom corner of you screen?


can some please respond…


  Do you login in multi-windows sessions? 
  Such as install Unite with admin and swith to another Windows account?

No, i only have one windows login

is it’s working ( service ), when you try to run CU ?

Yes i had the same problem and i read this post. THE MODERATOR HELPED ALOT!! all you have to do is right click your avast at the right bottem screen, go to avast sheilds control and disable it temporarely. then go to your adminastrive tools and click it go to RESTART. then your done.