Unite -lite?

I’m currently doing some research for a lightweight VPN solution for a small company that need shared file access from remote locations.

The current go-to app is of course Hamachi but the speed of that is normally terribly slow with relayed connections etc and requires licensed version for business use.

So I tried unite and it performed much better than hamachi, even when relayed BUT I really hate the idea that each person needs to setup an account to join the network just for VPN.

We don’t want remote desktop access or IM or anything, just VPN file access, can’t you release a unity lite that just requires one account for the “server” and then the remote users can just anon join the network thats setup from the “server” install?
Just use their computer names or allow them to setup a handle of sorts on their unite for identification purposes.


   Unite supports signing in multi-places by one account, and each one will see others with computer names in 'MyNetworks' netgroup.

    I think this will server your purpose. Only one account is needed.

I did try that at first and when joining a network I did not see the other computer.

Maybe I did something wrong, I’ll test again and get back to you.