Unite doesn't show Connect Desktop option...

Unite Doesn’t show a “Connect Desktop” option in the right click menu above the “Copy I.P. Address” on the Networks Tab when clicked on my desktop machine (IP ending .73) from my laptop (IP ending .173).
It should do according to the Unite help screens.
The connection shown under the “My Computers” Listbox.

Does this imply that VPN is not working?

try to ping pc. see if you can use any other feature of comodo unite.

Ping detects Desktop from Laptop with no loss using 5.3.nnn.nnn IP address so VPN seems to be connected.

I tried using chat on both the Desktop and Laptop, but no messages appear at other end. ???

I’ve opened the necessary ports in my router and now the network is shown as Direct rather than Relayed.
The ping is still working and the chat is still not working.
The Connect Desktop option is also still missing.

This looks like its a Unite Application issue rather than connectivity!?

in my opinion yes. jut to make sure, you can try to make some file sharing. if it works, comodo unite has just crash