Unistall from Control Panel - Blank page

Hi everyone.

I’d like to know how to uninstall privdog from my PC. I have windows 8, I installed the software with comodo, but now I can’t uninstall it.

I go intro Control Panel → Uninstall or Change a program → pick Privdog → uninstall → I get the Welcome to the PRivDog uninstall wizard → next → Select plug-ins- Dialog box no plugins displayed → next button greyed out… cannot continue…

I disabled the plugins in IE and there were no plugins in Firefox nor in Chrome.

I would certainly like some ideas.


Hi and welcome in-secure01,
Looks like some issue occurred with the current install.
I suggest to try downloading and installing the latest version.
This should detect the older version if it is still present and update it to the latest version.
You then should be able to uninstall it through the control panel.
PrivDog- Homepage

Kind regards.

Hi in-secure01! sorry that you have the inconvenience. Could you do as captainsticks advises? You can install the new version of privdog and UnInstall.