Uninstalling\Removing CDE

I downloaded CDE to see if it met my encryption requirements. After some use, I have decided to go with another program. I am now trying to remove the program from my system, but when I do so I get a message stating, “Please remove or decrypt all encrypted partitions!” followed by, “Fatal error during installation.”

I had only encrypted one partition on an external drive and that partition has already been decrypted and the partition has been destroyed (went back to one partition on the drive). So can anyone help me with how I can get the program finally removed?

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3.

I apologize if this has been addressed already, but I did try to search on the topic before posting.

Thanks in advance.

try downloading revo uninstaller that might help

revo does not help

This is ■■■■! I really had high hopes for Comodo. Its seriously more hassle than its worth. Nortons bloakware is better than this shit.

That was a year ago, and we arent here to bash free products, things happen and nothing is 100% safe that is the reason why it suggests backups and you should have an external backup on an HDD or DVD just to be safe if something should go horribly wrong.