Uninstalling lost many files

Hi All,

I uninstalled CMT because it kept saying i was running out of room for snap shots. I decided to uninstall as I had loads of room on my drives so I assumed it was a software problem. Thats by the by.

I uninstalled it with great difficulty, loads of restarts and eventually it allowed me to load up windows again, but its windows from a long time ago. hundreds of photo’s i had organised into albums are now back to the mess they were in before. Hundreds of photos taken since I installed CMT have gone. I don;t know how many other files have been deleted as CMT has taken me back in time. I am seriously gutted! Please help me get my files back! Is there a way?

I’m trying file recovery software to get back my wife’s dissertation.

CMT kindly saved “now thats what I call music” over it it when it uninstalled.

I saw no warning that uninstalling might do this. Very very bad!

I haven’t tried CTM in a long while so I can’t be sure if this would be correct. I certainly hope you verify it with a bit of research too. I will, however, post a bit of insight considering I have a very, very good understanding of how losing your dissertation could waste a few years work.

That’s not how CTM would have uninstalled itself. From the looks of it, it’s not CTM who reverted you back in time but system restore. Something might have gone wrong with the uninstall causing the multiple reboots. Part of 'em had your Windows do a system restore, effectively “sending you back in time” (if you don’t mind me saying). First thing to do is try not to write anything on drive and check a few things. If the files were deleted completely, your disk space would become lower than it previously was. If not, there’s a chance some of it were kept somewhere.

If it’s gone down though, you may want to try a file recovery app. But remember what I said about not writing anything on the drive? That includes not installing any app so saving a portable app on your usb/separate drive or a bootable os would work. Scan the drive where they originally were and it should pick them up for you. Remember, try as much as possible not to use the drive. Avoid browsing, installing (or even uninstalling for that matter, since that, too, writes on the disk), or opening a program as those activities would potentially write on the disk and over the files that were lost. If they get written over, it’s as good as gone.

Take my advise with a pinch of salt though. Some files may have been corrupted or what not because of a startup program and some documents saved may be a few days older than the latest one. So if you’re wife’s similar to me who writes a few dozens of pages every hour or so, it’s gonna be difficult. But better that than nothing at all. The best of luck, Angryjohn.