Uninstaller still has problems

Yesterday I installed CTM 2.5.129464.157, the latest available on the website. I then ran the updater and it pulled down something, it never said what or gave me a version number. I was able to successfully use the program but after reading all the problems in the forum, I decided to test the uninstallation. I’ve been stuck at the “Please wait while Windows configures COMODO Time Machine, Gathering required information” dialog box. I left it running over night and I recieved a messages “Installer is no longer responding” retry or cancel. I hit retry and it is back to the “please wait…” from before. The system is pretty much unusable as I can’t open the start menu or file explorer. The only installed programs on the system are, Office 2007 and COMODO Internet Security, both of which were installed after CTM. Other than that it is a fresh install.

I am testing the program in a Win7 32bit Hyper-V VM so I’m not concerned about losing data yet, but I am testing this for a larger deployment to replace Windows Steady State. Your product has definate potential but there seem to still be problems. I will follow the product closely and would be willing to test it again. Any word on central management, with some refinement I would be very interested.

The latest version is 166 with uninstallation issue fixed.


I also started with CTM 2.5.bla.bla, cos it’s the only installer on the comodo site at that time. After hitting the update button i got 2.6.138262.166. The version number is visible at the bottom row of the CTM basic window (activated by right clicking on the CTM task tray icon). In the advanced screen the release number can be found by clicking on the comodo time machine logo at the top left corner.

It would be nice though if CTM would not only tell that an update is available, but also tell us what the new available version is and give us a link to a web page that contains the release notes. Though knowing comodo it would probably state “Solved a lot of bugs” ;D