Uninstalled ZoneAlarm...Installede CIS

I've been using ZoneAlarm for years and was quite happy with it until I downloaded the new version and tried to install it (Toshiba laptop, Vista).  No matter what I did (and believe me I trolled the ZA forums to find a solution) ZA would not install ... so I dumped it and am now running CIS.

I need some help in wrapping my head around the configuration, specifically ZA would block any exe trying to access the internet, give me a pop up window alerting me to the fact and I could tell ZA to either Block or Allow (with an option to remember that setting) … How do I do the same with CIS, that is, what part of CIS does the same as ZA?


CIS features a massive whitelist of safe files. This means that these safe files will be automatically granted Internet access when necessary, thus decreasing the number of pop-ups the user gets :wink:

If you want to receive pop-ups for EVERY file that tries to connect to the Internet (why?!), remove all entries in Network Security Policy (in Firewall section) and set Firewall to Custom Policy Mode in Firewall Settings.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

That does help … I like to know what programs (especially newly installed ones) are wanting access to the internet and why …

If I go to Custom mode and get pop ups is there a provision in the pop up to “allow” or “block” and “remember” this choice (as ZA does)?


When you receive the first pop-up for an unrecognised application with regards to the Network Security Policy/Application rules you are able to select an option from the drop-down menu,e.g.-> e-mail client,web-browser,etc-> you can then select “Allow” and if you have the “Remember my Answer” box ticked a rule will be created in “Application rules”


p.s. If you do select “Remember my answer”, on the next pop-up the box will be ticked so if you dont want a rule created untick it.

Excellent! Thanks! The most confusing thing about using a new system is getting used to the different terminology used between the two apps for the same action!