Uninstalled Comodo Firewall, but status in Windows Security Center doesnt change

I uninstalled and restarted. The Windows Security Center says “Comodo Firewall Pro is currently on.”
I even used a security center restart tool, how do I fix this?

Hi. I never did get the “bump” thing but anyway, just to be clear…you uninstalled CFP, restarted, WSC says still on even if not installed? If so , it sounds like WSC is not releasing it’s memory of CFP. I don’t use WSC , well tried it once, but do you have any options to clear it? My point would be it is on WSC’s end. I can do some checking…


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The easiest way to resolve the WSC for me was panic’s script for rebuilding the repository folder. Paul, I believe your big FAQs that you built a few weeks ago covered this one.

Hi Buggy. When I installed Comodo and Avast my WSC did not recognize either of them. To reset it manually I used the following procedure.

"In control panel click on Administrative Tools, then Services, from the list of services find Windows Management Instrumentation right click mouse and from dropdown list stop the service.

Find folder C:\windows\system32\wbem, inside this folder identify the repository folder and delete only this folder (the repository folder) from your computer.

In Administrative Tools find Windows Management Instrumentation service again, and re-start the service by right clicking mouse and pressing start from dropdown list. Restarting this service re-builds the repository folder database on your computer, which should now only contain information about your currently installed antivirus & firewall programs.

To reset the Windows Security Centre you must re-boot your computer."

Also, here are the faqs from this site:
Windows doesn’t recognize Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF)

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