uninstalled Comodo after 3 days

I’m sorry. I researched firewalls which many reviews ame to the conclusion that this was the best free firewalls available. But the nagging pop up window letting me know that Comodo was l’earning’ or doing some thing I didn’t understand drove me absolutely crazy. It seemed like every keystroke I made, a Comodo window would pop-up, which also took up processing time. Sorry. Maybe I did something wrong. Anyway, I went back to Zone Alarm.

Hi & welcome. :slight_smile:

Sorry you find CFP too noisy. The “Defense+ is learning” popups can however be disabled, right-click on the tray icon and make sure"Display Balloon Messages" is not enabled.

Depending on what applications you have on your system, there may be a lot for D+ to learn. This will come to an end though and won’t bother you when you’ve launched all your applications and let them do their businesses. By then you will have a very powerful firewall that doesn’t leak (unless I’ve disregarded any leak test).