uninstalled cd

sadly i uninstalled dragon. i have used cd since version5. i replaced cd with chrome. the issues throught 7 and now 8 are in my opinion too much. chrome runs perfectly. i feel sorry for the mods who are extremely helpful, but they are in a tough “spot” trying to defend a subpar browser. comodos firewall is first rate, too bad their browser is not. i look forward to cd doing what ever is necessary to make a trouble free browser, until then im with chrome :frowning:

Hi drensmith,
I am confident that CD will get back on top of its game in the new year.
BTW: What has V7 and 8 got to do with Dragon?
Current version


I hope that you’re right.

well dragon is the browser that comes with every version of cis. i really like the firewall,there is some issues with the endpoint cleaner as well.
i miss dragon already, but not missing its issues

i reinstalled cd from comodo.com site, and now its working great,whats going on?

Hi drensmith,
That is good to hear. :-TU
It sounds like the previous installation had some unknown glitch.

Kind regards.

the weird thing was, i got 2 desktop icons…one for virtual and another for normal…who knows, all i care bout is its working great

That actually should happen.