Uninstalled avast security premium back on comodo internet security Beta 2024

here,s a screenshot as proof


Welcome back!

we hope to keep you malware, ransomware free like we have been for many years.

We are the only Cybersecurity company in the world, who publishes its track record.

1)Because we got nothing to hide and transparency is a MUST to gain trust as a cybersecurity vendor (I mean the question is why don’t others publish their results? What do they have to hide? Let people choose based on their historical track record vs their marketing)
2)Because our technology is so unique that we can provide this kind of metric. (we are the only company in the world, that monitors for “ANY UNKNOWN EXECUTABLE” and puts it in “CONTAINMENT AUTOMATICLY” (patented technology).

Isn’t it time for other Cyber security vendors to be transparent too?

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I have been using CIS since 2010 and I am not going to change it for anything.

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