Uninstalled all of comodo software except for CIS

I raised some concerns and questions in the fora and there were good answers with goor help so thats not the problem. The problem is the software it self not compatible with other software and killing my apps.

After using CIS, CAS, CSE, CeVPN, CSC for a view days all my software reacted more and more strange and unreliable. Cant define witch software did what but CSE does not work with a lot of email programs so I got a lot of complains from my customers that could not read my signed email, not even encrypted. CAS killed slowely my Thunderbird and I could not receive emails no more. CSC made that my System Protect software did not function no more and CeVPN was so difficult to use because you need to be at two systems at the same time. Also There are so many conflicts with the Windows firewall and so on.

I do not say these are bad products but for me personal they mess up my system and other software.

I also am very pleased with CIS but I tried CAS and had to uninstall it because it does not work properly with Outlook Express. The opinion I am coming to from reading about the other offerings is that most of Comodo’s programs other than CIS are too aggressive and intrusive.

Had the firewall and BoClean on my machine. Both did not uninstall cleanly, had to use regdit function, find then delete. I will not recommend any COMODO products. Also seeing on some security forums where COMODO is now not receiving favorable comments. Time to get it together COMODO or be just another has been.


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Not familiar with all the acronyms

CSE = Comdo Secure Email
CAS = Comodo Anti-Viruspyware??



CAS = Comodo Anti-Viruspyware??
Comodo AntiSpam

Comodo Anti-Viruspyware was earlier called CAVS (version 2.0 beta), now it’s simply Comodo Antivirus (usually refered to as CAV).

Thanks everyone.

What other sites are you a member of? Usually its wilders that trashes comodo for everything.

Did you suspect some kind of long trouble shooting to this? :-X CIS is pretty good at cleaning after itself, make sure you uninstall it as administrator and to be safe use REVOuninstaller when uninstalling stuff.

If you can pinpoint what is being left over please post a Bug report or post your feedback here: https://forums.comodo.com/feedbackcommentsannouncementsnews_cis-b129.0/

I agree that the uninstaller should uninstall everything… :-TU

Everything associated with COMODO has been removed from my machine as far as I can tell. I figured out how to do this myself and I also now have a rather good uninstaller program.

You all may want to do some looking in PC World just to name one.

Sorry if I do not know exactly where to post these sort of things on this forum and you can place it where ever it will go.


I’ve been running COMODO Internet Security and Anti-Spam for a few weeks now with Thunderbird and have had no significant issues. There was a little learning curve but not bad and all seems to be working very well. The only complaint I have is with anti-spam making me poll email server once for every email and some features I’d like to see added to anti-spam. Other than that, it’s an exellent package.

I have been using CIS for a few weeks now. There is a little learning curve in understanding how to configure this software properly. Once that is understood, it is NOT too aggressive and intrusive! You can’t just install and go. The “aggressive and intrusive behavior” initially shows that it is really protecting your system. You need to configure it for your trusted software and disable it during installs. (and I don’t work for COMODO, in case your wondering.)

if you read what I said, I said the offerings by Comodo OTHER THAN CIS. These would include the cleaner,the antispam, and a lot of the rest. However, I do feel that you can just install CIS and leave it on defaults and be well protected. I see no reasons to increase the settings in most cases. It definitely can be configured to be too aggressive, especially for the novice and even the average user.

You’re right. My mistake.

I fully agreed to the topic subject.

What I see here is beside CIS as the only stable product from Comodo, the others should be labelled as beta and let the downloaders aware that they actually are beta testers and not using the stable program.

So far I personally have tried CIS and Comodo Secure Email. After I installed CSE, I no longer can start my Thunderbird and I need to unintall CSE, after that my Thunderbird works. For CIS, I do not have complaint on it stability and I believe it is no longer buggy. The only concern is the Antivirus detection. I myself experience many false positive (many of them may cause computer instability if I trust CIS and quaranteen/delete them) and I read from other site reviews (3 so far) all report on concern on false negative. So CIS needs time to buck the Antivirus detection database.

And I read this forum concerning Comodo Disk Encryption which make many people lost thier entire partition data due to a lot of subsequences, I sincerely hope Comodo will issue on some advice(warnings) before use downloading them. And Comodo has also abandoning/rename some products due to too buggy. These all is deminishing Comodo creditibility. Comodo moto is Creating Trust Online but it seems making people Losing Trust on Comodo products one by one.

Hope to see Comodo buck up in a year time.

I may be the only one, but I have not gotten a single false positive from CAV. The only things it has detected so far are the Eicar tests I throw at it from time to time.

If you indeed want to go further on PCworld, I would like to ask you were Kaspersky, F-secure and other IS’s are ? Kaspersky is one of the greatest, and it seems they forgot (?) it. So how unbiased was the test do you think ?
Btw : I know that the AV part might not be as good as the Firewall/defense+, but how hard is that ? :wink:


And now CIS also deleted on all computers. All slowed down and got more and more strange problems. Working for a while again with Avast and all is smooth again.