uninstall without password

is it normal that cis can be uninstalled without any password?

a dangerous security leak for me

but surely easily to resolve for that fantastic comodo team

(password protection is enabled into application, first)


do you have the parental control enabled?


if u do then it will ask for a password if not then it doesnt

please try it yourself… you will see, it will be removed (without asking the password)

[control panel / programs & features]

wow you are right. i know with older version it always required to password. looks like a bug

please create a bug report using the following format https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-cis/format-please-use-it-t61845.0.html


sorry, i don’t have time to do that, but if you think that should be reported, you can do it, if you want…

thanks a lot,

I am not convinced that it is a bug as there is nothing mentioned in the help file regarding protecting uninstall.
My guess is that it is relying on Computer administrative rights to protect from uninstallation.
If I am correct this could/would be something for the wishlist.

as i said above, in previous builds i was always prompted for a password before uninstall. I tried uninstalling on my system with a password enabled and it uninstalled without password prompt. i will file a bug report


I think that was just a misconfiguration in the code. I think they did that so users could use the auto update function without having to enter the password, but it seemed to have also been removed from uninstall. Did any1 report this yet? And would they send out a quick update for this or wait for 6?

i already filed a bug report. they will probably wait for v6 since thats the next version and afaik 5.10 is the last version for 5.x

If you wish to prevent a user from uninstalling software, give him a limited user account. Comodo will still work fine. If you are the system administrator you should be able to uninstall software without questions asked.

This is how Windows NT works since the 90s.