Uninstall problems

This is just too hard to wrestle with. Too many things need approval or manually tweaking and cpf.exe hogs CPU time at 65% and worse. I tried to uninstall Comodo. I could not use RevoUninstaller as it declared that Comodo was not installed using a valid MSI installer. Not an encouraging start.

I shut down everything and then ran the uninstall. I let it reboot when it was finished and it still shows CPF.exe in the bottom right Taskbar as well as CFPUpdate and the Comodo logo for both.

I scanned the Registry and Legacy_CMDGuard, Legacy_CMDHelp and Legacy_Inspect all show Comodo stuff, but I cannot delete them for some reason.

Like an idiot, I did not first set a Restore point before installing Comodo. How can I get rid of all that left over stuff?

I want my basic PC back please.

p.s. Win7 Starter on an Acer Netbook.

Hi DandyDuck,
Sorry to hear that you have had issues with Comodo.

You could try the unofficial Uninstaller tool for Comodo products found here which might help clean-up after a failed uninstall.
You could try reinstalling and then after re-boot just use the built in uninstaller in preference to third party uninstallers (Re-boot required).

Note: The reg keys that you have mentioned you would have to take ownership of before deleting them, but I would try the above methods first.
Kind regards.

Thanks CS, sorry for posting in the wrong Forum.

I did use the Comodo uninstaller after Revo refused.

I will try and install again and uninstall again as well as a look in on the unofficial option. Thanks

Things that were loading in seconds before Comodo are taking 20 and 30 seconds to load. I sure hope I do not need to reinstall win7 to crush this mess.

Hi DandyDuck,
Let us know how you get on and if the problem persists we will try our best to avoid the need for Win7 reinstall.

Thanks, but it was getting worse. Programs were taking ages to load up. Firefox for instance would show (not responding) for two+ minutes . I bit the bullet and used the Acer eRecovery option to restore just the OS and leave user data intact. Two hours later, it restarted but with all the “free” ■■■■ that came with it so another hour to remove all of that.

Acer’s idea of keeping the user data is pretty quaint as it only saved stuff in the “Library” folder and deleted everything else.

I got smart this morning and took a full image of the clean system before adding stuff. I then added back in all the stuff I knew was OK, and took another image. Call me paranoid. :slight_smile:

I am currently running with the M$oft Firewall. Had enough pain and aggravation for a few weeks. I guess it is back to ZA or nothing, but ZA in it’s latest incarnation is pretty ■■■■■■, so I guess I will stay with the gimpy M$ stuff. :slight_smile:

I may try Comodo again in six months, but I see I am not alone with the CPF-processore-hog, so it looks like you have some work to do yet.

If you have trouble reinstalling/uninstalling in the future it may be useful to read this post.

Also, if you do reinstall Comodo Firewall you may want to follow the configuration advice I give in How to Install Comodo Firewall.

I’m sorry to hear about your bad experiences and I hope that the next release fixes the problems you’ve seen.

Easiest way to deal with the Legacy keys is the following.

Run "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1’ without the quotes from the command prompt.

Then open Device Manager. When in Device Manger go to → View → tick show hidden devices. Now look under Non Plug and Play drivers → you will then find the four Comodo Internet Security drivers; they are most likely “ghosted”. See attached image.

Select them one by one, click right and choose to uninstall. Do that for all four drivers. Now the Legacy drivers will be gone in the registry.This is easier than doing the take ownership procedure.

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