Uninstall or deactivate firewall without monitor

Hello :slight_smile:

First of all sorry for my english and thanks for your product :slight_smile:

But I have a problem. Anything was fine, but now my monitor on my desktop pc stops working.
I can still access and use the machine over network (iis, file sharing) but now I need to use remore desktop to do some other things. But rdp is not enabled in my cis firewall configuration and I am not able to connect to it.

Is it possible to disable the firewall or uninstall it? Or to allow some ports, for example using command line?
I can access the file system, I can start / stop processes and services (using iis and asp.net), …

Is this possible (without going to buy a new monitor right now)?
Thanks in advance

Can you borrow a monitor from a friend for the time being?

Can you enter safe mode with the network access? Try uninstalling Comodo from there.

to borrow a monitor was also my first idea, but no.

But a lot of thanks for the idea with safe mode + network, sounds great :slight_smile:
I will try this, it should be possible

XP or Vista?