Uninstall on Windows Vista beta 2, build 5384

Aside from killing IE7b3 upon opening a new tab, the uninstall does not work in Vista. You have to disable it in the Control Panel and then delete it manually.

Perhaps because it is not yet designed for Vista?


I had the same problems with VE for IE7 on Windows XP. This is because VE is not yet compatible with IE7 yet and needs more tests. Also, as Justin said, it is not compatible with Vista either.

See here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,178.0.html


I understand that now, but there was no indication prior to trying. If the download page had said “don’t do this yet.” I may have tried anyway; I do stuff like that.

I posted to let others know. Till somebody tries and posts the results, you wonder.

Well, he did asked if it worked before hand…


… and now he’s proved it doesn’t work. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing ventured, nothing gained? ;D

And… the best part of all is that nothing broke when testing. I’ve been around long enough to be able to undo most things that can be done with/to Windows. This was easy.

Can you please elaborate on how to “disable it in the Control Panel and then delete it manually”? I am running Vista x64 and Verification Engine version