Uninstall old AV product

Hi, We currently have TrendMicro Officescan installed on the network. When installing CIS it does not detect that software for uninstalling. Is there something I missed in the admin guide?



At the present time we support only limited version of products to Uninstall them as “incompatible”.
The list of the supported “incompatible” programs will be extended later.

Meanwhile, we strictly recommend to Uninstall all security products before Comodo Products installation to avoid software conflicts.

We had CA on our machines. What I did to remove it was install the CESM Agent. Right click on that PC in the CESM list and hit properties. Get the Program list and uninstall from the CESM. Then you can push out your CIS.

Hi, Thanks for the tip. I will try that, maybe this should be a sticky in the forums.

Thanks again.

Also CESM can Uninstall products by Upgrade code - if you want to Uninstall different version of the same product from many computers.