uninstall disaster

hi, i installed timemachine yesterday and that was a big mistake…after install and reboot it told me that i did not have enough memory, so i uninstalled…then it turned out that it fu***d up my MBR, lycky me i know what to do, so i could get a usb key with recovery console on it and fix the MBR…but it took me sometime…

but how can this happen ? ???

Really sorry to hear that.
Where did u get the insufficient memory error msg, can u post the whole msg?

Yes close to what happened to me.

read my post here for info and fix to get it running if still didnt work right or having problems. etc etc.

Re: Post here if CTM distroyed your computer - https://forums.comodo.com/bug-reports-ctm/post-here-if-ctm-distroyed-your-computer-t51623.0.html;msg369620#msg369620

Really sorry for the uninstallation issue.
It is a known issue of 157 release and we are working on this.
Please wait for next release.

We are doing our best to deliver a great product for all of you.