Uninstall Comodo

Where is the uninstaller for CIS? I have no uninstaller in the CIS folder no uninstall in add/remove programs in the control panel. How do you get rid of this application?

This will help

I have to spend 30 bucks to uninstall CIS? On the revo page the free version appears to be a ■■■■ shoot as to whether or not it actually works. Instruction on the original page are both dated and confusing they first tell you revo won’t work with 64b OS then later tell you to get it as well as some application that doesn’t seem to be supported for 4 years now.

After a reboot yet again an option appeared for uninstall but its been running for about 15 mins and appears frozen. I don’t really have all day to be screwing around with this. Where is the uninstaller that actually works please?

The uninstaller has been running for about 30min now, it’s doing nothing?

Okay, I had to call in sick to fix my wife’s computer made unusable by this update. On the positive side, I found a quick and controllable (no running obscure outdated programs from unknown 3rd parties) way to do it on Windows 7 64-bit at least:

  1. Create a restore point. Obviously.

  2. Stop and disable all services that have Comodo in their name. One of them could not be stopped, it’s okay. It will after reboot.

  3. Uninstall both hidden Comodo non-PnP drivers.

  4. Use autoruns (available from Microsoft for free) to uncheck all autorun entries that have Comodo in their name. There’s a crazy lot of them, 10 or so.

  5. Most important or your internet will not work after reboot! Uninstall the Comodo driver from network connection properties. Not just uncheck it but uninstall it - this way Windows will remove it from all other connections you may be using, VPN first and foremost.

  6. Make sure your default Windows firewall is enabled.

  7. Reboot and voila! Your PC is usable again. All the Comodo firewall files are still on your hard drive; you can remove them separately if you care. They are harmless now.

Thank you sigil that at least let me disable Commodo and start Windows firewall. I’m going to just manually delete everything with Comodo in the name now.

A couple of questions, as I’m having the same problem with uninstaller doing nothing on Win7 64 bit:

  1. What are the hidden Comodo non-PnP drivers?
  2. Where can I find these autoruns?

Thanks in advance for help for this non-techie person.