Uninstall AV

If I uninstall CIS and reinstall to just have the Comodo firewall is there a program to remove all left over folders and remnants of the Comodo AV? Thanks

I second this question. I installed Comodo w/o the AV but all the av files are in the comodo program file folder. This is odd, considering Melih doesn’t like bloat. They should be in the .exe setup file, not the program files if I am not using it…or the user should be given a choice as to whether they want to keep those files for easier installation later.

Hello 4putt;

If you uninstall CIS with it’s Uninstaller; It should do a very well job at removing everything it should. There should be no remains of Anything (with a uninstall and a restart).

Did this help you?


No it didn’t help. If it removes all folders and registry data it would be unlike any program I’ve seen. Did this help you Jacob. Thanks

Try This


I noticed the disclaimer.

What do you mean?

If you click on what was suggested by Jacob you’ll see a disclaimer that Comodo didn’t write this program and takes no responsibility for such. So to me it wasn’t a good suggestion. Seems Comodo might have a program for this, all other AV companies do. Thanks

I guess nothing exist for this that Comodo recognizes???

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