Unified Communications certificates and Comodo Multi-Domain certificates

What is the difference between Unified Communications certificates and Comodo Multi-Domain certificates from Instant SSL?

Hi guillem.carreras,

The SSL UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS CERTIFICATES (UCC) or EXCHANGE SSL, are built expressly for the Microsoft Exchange 2007 (and up) and Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 environments. They provide SSL secured communications on a number of different domains, both internal and external. SSL UCC support the Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover service. Let me add that COMODO is one of three official Microsoft UCC vendors.

Multi-Domain Certificates (MDC) provide the same SSL security as the regular certificates but allow you to secure up to 100 domains on a single SSL certificate. It can be added also, that with this type of product you can choose between 2 different SSL certificates: Regular Multi-Domain Certificate and/or Extended Validation Multi-Domain Certificate (EV MDC).

If you speak/read spanish, I can send you information about the 2 products in that language.

Yes i speak/read Spanish. Please send me the information.

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I have sent you a Private Message (PM) with the information you required.