Unidentified Network

Okay so Ive been racking my brains about this and have come to nothing,
Me and my friend are using this for LAN gaming, I can connect to him fine but he can not connect to me, I can ping him and he can not ping me and on my computer the comodo unite network comes up as unidentified network public.
The firewall has the exceptions to allow it to connect to the internet and I have tried using it with disabled firewall (much to my horror of letting my system on the web without a firewall) I am using Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit and he is using Windows XP Home Edition 32bit
I know the connection is active because we have played games together when he is the host, but we cant connect to my pc and I believe it is due to the network being unidentified.
I have no option to change the network from public to home and have exhausted almost every option
Has anyone got any ideas? :cry:
If you require any additional details please ask

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everything is just fine :wink:

honestly. this is way windows see other connections. since comodo unite doesn’t create internet connection ( it’s using already made, default connection, windows based ) this is why windows see it as a connection, it can’t use. so this is why it ( windows ) give it name as unidentified.

problem with connection to games might be because of firewall and it’s settings. after you run game, try to press alt+tab ( this will get game to desktop ) and you can see does firewall alerts with question ‘should i allow game or block it’.

you can always disable windows based firewall ( if this is what you are using ) and try … idk … comodo firewall instead ? ppl say it’s good to use it.

one more thing.

only this time, do it for comodo unite. save changes and reboot pc. ( make sure UAC is off in windows! )

it should be working now ( gaming. ) if not, well i would say - give a try to evovle vpn.