Unicorn + Mermaid - Camel = Leprechaun ?

Lol ;D

And I thought Ganda was the funniest guy here :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

Hold on - let me call him over here.

what, huh? am i miss something? what’s this all about ???

Yes, you are beaten by Snowflake as funniest Forum Member :wink:

Greetz, Red.

■■■■ pony! >:( ;D just finish the story already!

Now Ganda have two competitions:
Being the funniest member (currently hold by Snowflake)
Having more post than Ragwing (yay, I got more ;D)

you had a tough name before : cowboy rusty, you changed it to snowflake (ok, it’s cute 88) )
but now you want to change it to princess ???

i prefer this:

Name: Fireball
Type: Earth Pony
Body: Unlimited Times Ultra Mega Fiery Red Times Infinity (w/freckles)
Hair: Unlimited Times Ultra Mega Fiery Red Times Infinity
Symbol: Fireball

Pfft… Check this out Ganda:

Name: Sleipnir
Type: magical eight-legged steed, and the greatest of all horses (source: Sleipnir - Wikipedia)

Symbol: An eight-legged steed

it’s a horse? more like a camel to me. ;D

You’re right.


Soya and Ganda, learn how to read.

A eight-legged horse CANNOT be a camel! Plus camels usually have something on their back where they carry their water :wink:

There’s 8? Looks like 4 to me, right Ganda? Our friend here believes too much in fairytales as we all know there’s no such thing as an 8-legged horse. (:WIN)

errr, after i examine it deeply & thoroughly. i see a camel (or a goat), a snake (or snail) on his deformed leg, ??? a mermaid riding the camel, err what’s that stick on the mermaid’s lap ;D

Maybe you should study some Norse mythology.

Oh really, but I were right about the flying pig, weren’t I?


yeah OK, but i think fireball is still a better name than sleipnir.
hey is it just me or that pig is somewhat scary? i fear the pig more than the eight legged camel ;D

I don’t think that’s a mermaid Ganda (:TNG) Where you sleeping during biology lessons :THNK

Greetz, Red.

We better move out before the princess transforms (:AGY) into a unicorn that looks like a mermaid.

Why is that :o

That you split off posts, that’s ok :slight_smile: But that you made it so that I started this >:( Ok, you are off my Happy New Year List for 2009 :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

no worry Soya, at least you’re in my voodoo victim list.
yeah, why you split these post, we’re still talking about snowflake’s name, should he go with princess, fireball, or sleipnir

Who said it wasn’t possible to have off topic posts in an off topic board :P. His thread was about the avatar, not his name. (:TNG)

Don’t make me pull out my cop hat