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Every since the days of Comodo firewall 3.0 the GUI is never centered when you open it after a reboot or normal boot up. Sometimes its down and left. Some times its up and right. Every single program I have ever used the GUI opens up right square in the middle. Now this is NOT computer specific. Since I started using Comodo 2.4 many years ago I have had several computers since then. So now that I tried CIS 5.8 the problem is still there. This can be verified across 5 different pc’s. Any ideas?

I can’t say I’ve ever had any problems with the main CIS application window, it always opens in the same position it was, last time it was closed.

If you didn’t know, the placement of resizeable windowed applications/folders is typically controlled by Windows and prior user settings, not by the application. However, there has always been a degree of ‘amnesia’, which seems to be particularly prevalent on Windows 7. There are known fixes for these issues.

Changes to the size, view, icon or position of a folder are lost

Here is my findings:

Open GUI, drag it almost off of the screen, close/re-open GUI it is where I left it.

Open GUI, drag it almost off of the screen, close GUI, re-boot, re-open GUI and it is back centred.

I have just done this on 2 machines one is XP the other W7.
I would think this is relatively normal/acceptable behaviour and not what I would regard as a bug, unless all of your systems act differently.

I would not call it acceptable when this has been an issue for years. Various pc’s also. CIS is the only product which does this. WMP,iTunes,MBAM,CCleaner,Puran defrag,Auslogics defrag. The list keeps going. But only CIS is not center upon boot up. I will try your suggestions. Thanks.

Thank you for your report.

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Problem comes right back after reboot. Confirmed on 3 other pc’s. So yes its a bug which actually goes back to Comodo Firewall 3.0 days.

It works as it should for me and for others also, apparently. Perhaps it’s something in your environment. If you’re running Window 7, you could take a look at ShellFolderFix As I said, it’s a well known issue that affects not just CIS.

Hey, I’ve noticed this too lately. It actualy comed back… they’ve fixed it in some late 4.x version, it was fine in the other 5.x versions but now the GUI suffers from amnesia again. Using win xp pro sp3 32bit x86.

Ragdaghast. Please do not bother replying anymore. How can it be just my environment when its spread across 4 other pc’s? Duh. I know installed CIS on my girl friends laptop and her daughters laptop. Same issue and both are running Windows 7. 2 other machines with this issue have XP. This has been an issue back to Comodo 3.0 on my old XP machine. So please do NOT tell me this isnt a bug. Its a bug and I am reporting it. Hopefully it will be addressed in the next build.

I have about 200 programs installed on my laptop. CIS is the only program with this issue. Please address and fix. Thanks.

I doubt, so far, that there is sufficient information to investigate this properly, let alone address and fix it. On a side note, since you have installed CIS on those 4 different systems… then one could assume that you’ve also installed other software on those very same systems. So, aren’t you a rather obvious connection between those 4 different systems.? Duh. :slight_smile:

And on the subject of “Duh”, Ragdaghast is a very knowledgeable forum member and you would do well to show him a little more respect. Besides, showing other members respect is a mandatory requirement here (see the Forums Policy) and your current tone/manner seems to be somewhat deficient in this regard at times. So, I’d appreciate more effort from you on this. Thanks.

Excuse me. These are 4 different computers in 4 different house holds. Now even more computers. My girl friend does not live with there for its not a network issue. I have a new laptop. This is NOT the same pc as I ran when I was using Comodo 3.0. I already said that. Also someone else chimed in with the same issue. So ITS NOT JUST ME. Please address the issue and hopefully Comodo can fix it. Thanks. After all aren’t bugs reports suppose to be mentioned and fixed? Arent we suppose to provide this information so Comodo can make CIS better?

So what your saying is that its me causing these issues? Lol. Too funny. Now explain that one please. All I am doing is bringing up a bug which has been there for years. Please acknowledge and address.

That’s quite enough, thank you. Please refer to my PM, there will be no further warnings.

This is a legit bug spread across various computers. I am not making up storied or flaming the forum. I like the new version of CIS and I am merely reporting a bug that I have encountered. Thanks you.

I’m sorry you’re having difficult time understanding my posts, sadly, I’m not really able to provide pictures to assist you on this occasion. The best thing, if you’re able, is to complete a bug report with all the requisite information.

Please Note: This topic has now been re-opened, thank you all for your patience.

The OP can no longer participate in the forums. As such, I would be grateful if another member, who has also experienced this problem, could step-in and take over ownership of this issue. Many thanks, in advance.