Uncaught SecurityError using IFRAME

Hi All,

I use Chromodo v50.14.22.468 on Window 7 Ultimate 32-bit. The pages I’m going to talk about are local, no web server involved. I’m trying to make a popup calendar on my page. For this I use a hidden IFRAME. To show the calendar I click on a calendar image. This works fine in IE v11.0.33 and Firefox v47.0.1, but I get this error and no calendar popup in Chromodo: ‘Blocked a frame with origin “null” from accessing a frame with origin “null”. Protocols, domains, and ports must match.’. I’ve never seen an error like this so any pointers on how to fix it are welcome. I use Javascript to change the class name to show or hide the calendar.


 <div id="modal_calendar" class="hide">
  <div id="modal-caontent">
   <iframe id="cal-popup" src="calendar.html">
    <p>Can't display calendar, your browser doesn't support iframes.</p>


  display: none;

  display: block;

How can I fix this security error?

Thank you for any help,


Has no one run into this problem? Based on my searches I find this a well known problem, just no solutions posted. Other than upgrading the browser. And even that doesn’t work sometimes.

Any ideas?

Ok, when I serve up the page through a web server (IIS in my case) the iframe works fine. When I double click the .htm file directly I get the SecurityError: I guess this is a bug in Chromodo?