unblock firefox

i opened firefox browser and pop up msg came from comodo

i clicked on block and now my internet is not working in firefox.

how to unblock it?

Go to Firewall->Network Security Policy and remove Firefox from the list.

thank you

how can i block any application without knowing that its a virus or not?

whenever pop up msg displays then how can i know that it is virus that running so i have to block it.
may be it was not virus.

i m getting confused in it

What you saw was a Firewall alert, not a virus alert. CIS was just asking if you wanted to let Firefox have an internet connection.

For a general explanation, click here.

i got other problem now.

i cant download any file with opera. seems like comodo blocking it

how i unblock it?

and i cant download from firefox also. see screen shot.

[attachment deleted by admin]

plz help me

when i disable defense menu then my downloads works. when i enable it, my download stops.

plz tell wat to do?

Go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > Protected Files and Folders and check if “C:\DOCUME~1\lenovo\LOCALS~1\Temp” is in the list. If so, remove it from the list and you should be able to download again in that folder. :slight_smile: