Unblock Blocked Program

I accidentally blocked a program with the remember answer option checked in Defence+ and I can’t unblock it. I tried to change the rule by making it a trusted application. I tried to make it one of my safe executables. I tried making it a trusted application in the firewall settings. Still, with no success. When I try to open the program it displays an error that I has insufficient permissions to open this file. Could someone please help my unblock app.

Open up Comodo and go to D+/Advanced/Computer Security policy and look through the list of what you blocked.

I did and the application I blocked was not listed. I added the app. and made it a trusted application but that did not help.

What is the program? Are you sure you looked through the entire list? Did you check both the firewall and D+? Did you reboot in bewteen? if you accidentally blocked it then its in there.

It was not originally there, then I added it to the list and gave it trusted privileges. No I did not reboot my computer, would that help?

Doesn’t hurt.

Still Blocked X(

Well what exactly is blocked? Can you show me your log.

Hi Twinkiie,

Did you block explorer from running this program,if so it may be in the explorer “Blocked Applications” list.Try

Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy/find the entry %windir%\explorer.exe /highlight it and choose “Edit”

Now click “Access Rights” and then “Modify” next to “run an executable”.You will get a new window with allowed and blocked applications,have a look under the blocked secton.If said program is there Remove it and “Apply” to close all windows.


Amazing Matty_R!!! Great answer, I’ve had the same problem and thanks to your answer I solved the problem… :BNC