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Good morning
I posted a question regarding problems I had, many views but nothing from mods or staff, as I have had no response I wanted to ask the CEO but have been unable to get a tag to open a new topic anywhere but here, perhaps some kind person will bring my original post to the attention of the CEO as I am sure that he would like to know that staff appear to be selectively answering posts on an open forum. I copy my original post below

mod edit: Original post copy changed to a proper cited quote to be clearer & link to the original topic. kail

Hi fatfires

You can always send Melih (Comodo’s CEO) a PM (Personal Message) if you feel the need to draw his attention to something. Alternatively you can also send a PM to any of Comodo staff listed as “Moderators” on the GeekBuddy board.

As for the rest of us real Mods (the Global Moderators) we’re not Comodo staff (just volunteer users) and your issue, being a contractual one, isn’t something that we could help you with or contribute to. Sorry.