Unable to upload photos using Comodo Dragon Browser.

When I click to upload photos while using Comodo Dragon the icon will only blink…uploading photos works just fine in other Chromium Browser .

Hi judieg2,

Can you supply a few more details?

Where you are uploading too? Which version of Dragon are you running, is it 72?


I am using Comodo Dragon 72 and trying to upload photos on Facebook…I can use Slimjet and the photos upload to Facebook just fine.

I have Comodo Dragon v72 and cannot upload to Facebook at all.

Hi judieg2!

Thank you for the feedback!

Could please provide some more details about your computer specs? And also about the type of image that you want to upload? I’ve tested and uploaded some photos to facebook and it workied on my side. Also can you please tell us if you have additional extensions added, or just the ones that comes with the browser?

Comodo Browsers Team

I do have the Social Fixer Extension added but when I disable it I still am unable to upload any photos…I have tried just using Chrome instead of Comodo Dragon and when I attempt to upload photos there it crashes my computer…I did a system restore on computer this morning but it did not do anything…Please help me…my photos are very important to me.

Hi judieg2!

Can you, please, tell us what AntiVirus you are using? If you are not using any, can you tell us if the Windows Firewall is active, and if so, in which setting is it running?

Comodo Browsers Team

I just todayCompletely uninstalled Comodo Dragon and reinstalled a completely new version with only Comodo Dragon Extensions. I still am unable to upload any of my Photos to Facebook… As previously mentioned, I am using the current update and I have an Intel Celeron processor E3400, Windows 7 Home Premium EMachines