Unable to update virus database

Windows XP
Comodo CIS 3.11.108364.552

When I attempt to “Update now” the download hangs for a while at 30% then gives the following message:
“Failed to update the virus signature database. Please check your internet connection and try again later.”

What I’ve checked so far:

  • Internet connection is fine.

No other firewalls or AV systems running.

Checked Device Manager and uninstalled old AV software residue in the hidden drivers, rebooted, tried again…still unable to update.

Tried the CISscanner zip files mentioned in this thread, but the bases.cav file was password protected, so I was unable to extract the files into the scanner folder as directed.

As a last resort, I uninstalled, ran the CIS cleaner from this thread, ran CCleaner to erase any other tidbits, reinstalled, rebooted, and tried again…still unable to update.

Each time it fails, I have noticed in the “Traffic” box in the bottom right hand corner that cmdagent is usually between 98.6 - 99.9%. I don’t know if that has any bearing on the situation, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Thank you for any advice you can offer. Other than climbing the learning curve, this seems to be the only problem I’ve had with the software.

Do you have Windows Defender running by any incident?

I have seen several other topics where the av updates does not work. Can you check the hash codes of your CIS installer? You can use Hashtab. This program will add a tab in the Properties dialogue box that will generate the hash code for the file you want to know the properties of.

The codes to check for the 32 bits version are:
MD5: 543567c36f5629ece2c64b1842c0d582
SHA1: 31baba2476c2843cc525d7dcf5d32eb54cdfd582

Please Comodo:

The amount of threads complaining about updates failing or taking too long is getting larger by the minute. I understand that Comodo is working on reducing the size of the update files and that it is taking some time.

In the meanwhile a simple solution would be to provide a single up-to-date stand-alone update file to download from the Comodo site. This would avoid much frustration.

If you already have a PC with same version of CIS, you can always copy the .cav files from the scanners directory under %program files%\Comodo…

As per the files that I posted in the reference threads, I don’t understand why they would be deemed password protected. It simply was a split archive created with Winzip 12. Of course, the files are now out dated.


DL Hashtab and checked all the exe files I could find in my COMODO folder (since you didn’t indicate exactly which file is the CIS installer and I’m a techie newblett ;)), but none of the hash codes for MD5 or SHA-1 matched those you gave above. Perhaps that is where the problem lies with the updating?



I meant to check the Hash code for the installer program of CIS. Sorry if I was not clear enough.

Try and add http://*comodo.com to the trusted websites in Internet Explorer, that might just solve the problem.

I never could differentiate which program was the installer (programmers really should make the names more clear for us non-technical, jargon-ignorant lay people) in the Commodo files, but during the course of my reasearching and trying to figure it out there was an update and TA-DA! my virus database is updating just fine now.

Not sure what they fixed, but it is working fine now.

Congratulations on fixing it yourself. That’s usually a sweet moment.

FWIW, that didn’t fix it for any of my machines. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to update manually.

I was just able to update one PC by going through my proxy server. It would not update otherwise. The odd thing is: I don’t block outbound traffic on either connection.

The proxy goes through a cable modem. Direct goes through a T1. Both connections are working perfectly, but Comodo will only update if I go through the proxy.

Ok, I complained in another thread about same subject. NO idea if they fixed anything and I don’t like to uninstall and install to find out. However WHEN it was taking so long all one had to do was switch system on and leave it running with only OS. NOT a thing I like to do in raining season being more wet then I ever saw it before…It took me essentially between 1 day and 2 days to do the update and in my many years of computer usage I never such a slow process to do an upgrade…


I met the same problem before. I have to use secure connection to update and it worked. However, any hidden faces interrupted with sniffer. I could not update it any more. I agree comodo should have standalone installer of updating virus database. I am using CIS with virus database version 1.0 ;D



Guys,how much do you want from a free AV team ??? :smiley:
Download BASES.CAV manually and place it /repair folder to comodo install directory
I needed 2-3 days to and i solved update bug manually with just basic pc knowledge.
Comodo is just a genius in todays commercial world ;D

Granted, but a great deal of would-be commercial customers download the free version first, as a test. The first experience is an important one, as it directly translates to sales.