Unable to update AV after program update

Win 7 x64 - CIS
Program just updated and gave me an out of date ! red warning for my virus database. I hit “Fix It”, and everything runs fine except “Install Signatures” has a red X and states error. I have restarted and tried everything except uninstalling and reinstalling. I don’t want your product if I have to uninstall and reinstall every time you update it.

It states…
“Status: Class not registered”

I uninstalled and reinstalled CIS and made sure the virus database was up to date before upgrading the program. After wasting hours re-configuring (not all settings are saved), and doing restarts after updates…

I got to without the problem. We will see if it recurs when the database expires and must be updated.

I do not appreciate this unprofessional release of an update.

Hi WBSteele,
I have updated 3 systems along with many other users with no such issues, so to totally condemn the update is unfair in my opinion.

Kind regards.

Edit: Topic locked, because it has been duplicated.