Unable to update Antivirus database (CIS, XP SP3)

I’m hoping to get some help with this issue.

Up until 2 days ago I had no issued updating virus database (current database installed is 27237). Now when I try to force an update it fails with the following error:

‘Error: 0x80072f7d - An error occurred in the secure channel support’

I subsequently downloaded and attempted to import the most recent virus database, but the installation fails at ‘install Signatures’ with the error: ‘Status: There is a bad version number in the file’.

When I run a diagnostic it does say there are errors.

To me I think there may be a specific issue affecting the updates for XP that was created 2 days ago - maybe the communication of CIS with the download servers?!. This is because I also have another pc that runs Comodo (lastest version) on XP but this had not been updated in 2 weeks, now when I attempted to update CIS I get the same errors. A laptop running Comodo (latest version) on VISTA was able to update fine without issue.

I am reluctant at this point to attempt a complete reinstall because I fear I may not be able to install a recent database at all - rather have comodo run with a 2 day old database than no database at all.

Helpful advice would be much appreciated.

Hi Jm1,
Please look at enclosed image.

Please go to Settings–>General Settings → Updates → Proxy and Host Settings" and add http://download.comodo.com entry, make it first and disable the 2nd and try to update and report if it works or not with error snapshot, if any.

So lets try http rather https and see if that works.


Umesh, thank you so much for the quick reply and solution!!

I followed your instructions and I have now updated to virus database 27253. I am currently updating the other XP pc. If there are any further issues I will be sure to feedback. I guess I was right not to reinstall as I the https address is the default and a reinstall would not have helped? Out of curiosity was this issue caused at my end, did I change a setting which affected the updating? (I had not installed anything 2 days back).

Again, Umesh, thank you!!!

Hi Jm1,

I guess I was right not to reinstall as I the https address is the default and a reinstall would not have helped?
We don't expect v6223 to have this problem, we will investigate further and seek your help if needed.


Hi Jm1,
We are not able to produce the problem you stated and need your help understand further.

May you please share diagnostic report for start?


Hi Umesh,

I was able to reproduce the download updates error by reversing the changes i.e. Using ‘https’ instead of ‘http’ and able to produce the diagnostic report you find attached.

Thank you, we will check it and take the next step.