Unable to Submit Caught Virus's to Comodo

Hi there,

I’m having a Problem Submitting Virus’s I caught to Comodo! The Error I get is Submission Error and that is under Submit Results. I got info from LivePC support to report this Bug.

If you need any more info just ask.



The simplest way
1)open comodo icon
2)under “misc” or “antivirus” icon (depending on the version)
3) click "submit file, find the the files in question and slide it over, then click on false positive or suspicious, then send

Ok thx, I will try that, and I’m useing the Lastest Pro Version of Comodo.

I believe that method will take a long time to add the signature (I could be wrong). If the website refuses to accept it then you should probably put the file in question in a zip file with the password “infected”. You can then email it to either:
or for false positives

This should get fixed faster than reporting it through CIS. Could someone please let me know if I’m wrong.