Unable to send using TrustFax

I posted this same info on a trouble ticket.

I tried sending two faxes to a 626 area code # yesterday. The first fax was 12 pages in total including the cover page. The company I faxed to said they got some of the pages but not all (they received 7 pages of the 12). I tried re-faxing the 5 missing pages (with a cover sheet for a total of 6 pages) and the company said they didn’t receive anything. In both cases, my TrustFax tracking said it was successful and I was charged for the faxes. Any help would be appreciated.



Your support ticket was received and acted upon.
The fax that you sent had 10 documents and a coversheet (you attached 1 document twice) - the total pages sent was 12 on Tuesday, April 03, 2007 4:22:11 PM.
After pulling the log files and verifying the documents sent, trustfax did in fact send 12 pages, each with a page break to the receiving fax machine. The receiving fax machine confirmed receipt of each page and reported back a successful recipt of the 12 page fax. The 6 page fax was also sent and receive a successful signal from the receiving fax machine for all pages. That fax was sent on Tuesday, April 03, 2007 6:06:05 PM.
As mentioned in your support email reply from trustfax, you received a credit for the fax pages sent to the fax number and an explantion of the transmission information.

I see where I faxed 2 copies of the same document-my mistake. My receiving party said they were missing or did not receive several of the documents but perhaps they were wrong. Thank you for looking into this and for the credit.

You are welcome.
Thanks for using trustfax!